Get Back Deleted Info from Flash Drive

How to Rescue Deleted Flash Drive Info?

Since flash drives are the well-known and consistent storage device compared to other drives, many of us prefer to store vital information on USB flash drive. Flash drives uses USB interface to transmit information from one system to another. Most of us believe that flash drives are provides secure and consistent environment to store information. Nonetheless, when you connect flash drive to computer or laptop, your computer may go off suddenly due to power outage. You will be in a shocker when you restart computer and observe that complete data from flash drive has been deleted. Furthermore, it will be a wearisome moment for you when you come to know the lack of legitimate backup. If you have come across such kind of dangerous circumstance ever, no need to bother!!! As deleted info rescue from flash drives is easier than ever before with the use of several tools. Restore USB Files is one such strong and efficient tool which easily get back deleted info from flash drive at one go.

Common reasons for deletion of info from flash drives

  • If you knowingly or unknowingly formatted the flash drive then entire data present on USB flash drive gets erased. In such cases, if the user does not have genuine backup then severe info loss is definite.
  • While transferring info from flash drive to computer or laptop, if you eject flash drive before completion of data transfer process, then info present on flash drives might get deleted. Moreover, you can use this ready to use toolkit to get back lost files after sudden interruption like power failure during data transfer process from Emtec USB flash drive to other storage device with great ease. To know more information, click here
  • In addition, file system corruption, accidental deletion, bad sectors on drive, severe infection of virus etc may also results in loss of info from flash drives.

In order to shun loss of information from flash drives, it's always suggested to have legitimate backing of all your vital information from flash drive. And always make use effective and updated antivirus protection on your computer or laptop to evade infection of malicious threads. Moreover, make sure that flash drive is not exposed to extensive rough handling and very high temperature.

This software is a simple, competent tool. It is stuffed with various innovative and advances features, at a reasonable price. At the end of the day, after using this strong tool you will definitely feel that amount spent on this software, is money well spent. Besides, USB flash drives, it can also recuperate lost or deleted information from external hard disks, memory sticks, iPods, pen drives, FireWire drives etc. It can rescue various types of information like pictures, documents, spreadsheets, digital RAW pictures, ZIP archives, videos, music files etc. Moreover, this tool can easily restore USB on Mac as well as Windows based machines. Furthermore, it can also rescue information from corrupt, damaged, inaccessible, logically ill flash drives. On the whole, Restore USB Files tool can rescue all types of information from USB flash drives with utmost ease. In case if you are specifically looking for software that can be used to recover files from USB pen drive, then click on this link:

Steps to find deleted files from USB flash drive

Step 1: Install this recovery software on your system then run it to launch its home wizard as displayed in figure A.

Get Back Deleted Info from Flash Drive - Home Wizard

Figure A: Home Wizard

Step 2: Choose flash drive from the list of logical drive as displayed in figure 2.

Get Back Deleted Info from Flash Drive - Select Flash Drive

Figure B: Select Flash Drive

Step 3: The list of revived files will be displayed as shown in figure 3.

Get Back Deleted Info from Flash Drive - Revived Files

Figure C: Revived Files

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